Consulting and Contracting

We understand that any organization that is new to the international trading market does not understand terms relating to importing and exporting. This is where we emerge with Consulting and contracting services. This is a major part of the import & export package services of ALYAKOUBI IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD. Our consultation team that consists of experienced from the import & export fields will guide our clients from the very first step of the international trading process until the final step.

The budding importer and exporters can explain the any number of requirements to the consultation team, which will find out the best solution to fulfill every requirement. The aspects the team covers under consultation service are supplier selection, contract negotiation, favorable shipping terms, carrier and route selection, US Customs clearance, warehousing and distribution, as well as any other area of concern for the client’s company.

When a client of ours is ready to make an agreement with an overseas or domestic, import house, the concentrating service appears. Several document works are involved in the preparation of contract of between to import & export companies. To help the growing business in the North African Market we provide contracting service. This service is provided to clients under the vigilance of highly qualified professionals of import & export industry.

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