We are a single stop shop that fulfills every logistics needs of clients. Even though we do not expand our market beyond the North African Market, we have a wide spread out network in the same region. Our mission is to provide our customers hassle free warehousing storage service.

Our expertise and team of skilled professional when put together covers a vast range of warehousing services. We are dedicated to provide aid to both budding and established importers and exporters of the market we serve. An organization that has availed our services or is availing currently has experienced growth in international trading, consistently.

We comprehend the fact that every client has different expectations as their needs concerning warehousing and storage is specific. Keeping this in mind, we take enough time to understand and discuss client’s requirements. Only when we have thoroughly understood clients’ needs, we start making the strategy and execute it, satisfying our clients.

Head Office

Suite 1005 & 1001-2, Albion Plaza, 2 – 6 Granville Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
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